Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District


The Mission of the Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District believes the primary purpose of an effective school is teaching for learning.  We believe that all students can learn and can achieve at optimum levels of academic performance, regardless of their previous academic performance, family background, socio-economic status, race or gender, national origin or handicap. The District will foster positive growth in social/emotional behavior and attitudes. 

Administrator/Certified Teacher /Certified Substitute Procedure
Candidates for certified positions (administrators/teachers/substitute teachers) must apply through our online application which is available by clicking here:  (Applicant Tracking)  All related supporting documents, including credential files must be scanned in and attached to your online application.
Candidates must hold a valid NYS teaching certificate. 
The WNY School Application system is a consortium of schools brought together to offer an online application process to prospective teachers and administrators.  Applicants complete a thorough application which is stored in a shared database.  Districts post positions on the site and applicants can attach their documents to any postings in the database.

Support Staff /Noncertified Substitute Procedure
Interested individuals should submit application to the District Office located in the High School.
Chrissy Taggert, District Clerk
Canisteo-Greenwood School
84 Greenwood Street
Canisteo, NY 14823